i know that life is
i know that life
is hard and unfair,
and i know that
everyone has
their own issues
and troubles
but i would just
like it if for one
minute, you didn’t
treat me like
i don’t matter
to you. because
its looking like
you took advantage
of my kindness,
that you used me
because i was
willing to help you
out and, suddenly,
now that i actually
need you, you are
to be found.
e.m.b, don’t you think its your turn? (via embpoetry)
I knew
That if I let myself fall for you
This is how it would turn out
I’m an idiot for thinking the outcome would somehow vary from the normal routine of being left behind
But I fell anyway
I fell for you so hard that when I hit the ground every single bone in my body shattered into millions of diamonds
And you were the only one who could glue me back together
But instead
You looked at the pieces that were me and you commented on how the light caught the facets of each gem
And then you left
But not before taking a small, glittering diamond
And putting it in your pocket
So even if someone happened to wander along
Someone who could also
Glue me back together
A piece of me would still be missing
Still be with you
In your pocket.
Falling Isn’t Worth It— Lily Rain (via wont-time-love-us)